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The New Standard of
Neighborhood Internet Network and Entertainment

Interact with the best 

movie library

Let Our Data Take You places around the world.

We are delighted to connect you from your neighborhood to the unreachable entities in the world with our neighborhood internet cafe service from our ANTINA STORE. Feel the joy, excitement and pleasure as you shop, chat and watch your favorite programs online. It is an honor providing service to you. 

Cloud Based 

We are powered by a fast, efficient and modernized

computing infrastructure. Reliable and affordable internet service is our main vision for you our valued customer. 

Customer User Interphase

Access our free  and premium internet service via our friendly web based application. 


Antina Store

We have a  movie collection of 5 years from the best  Box office movie pool from 2017 to date. You have the option of ordering your favorite from the collection in our Entertainment section.

Customer Care Experience Service

We have you covered in every problem you encounter with our service provision. Our customer care team is available 24/7 every week.

Cnr.Inez Terrace 1st floor.Harare Main Post Office Building G.Silundika Avenue Harare Zimbabwe

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